Ch. Yunwu Shan Herbu Zadora

DOB 19.05.2006

Yunwu is at well deserved retirement.

Polish Champion
Middle and East Europe Junior Winner 2007
Polish Junior Winner 2007
Best Junior of Breed
3 x Best Male
8 x CAC
2 x res.CACIB
Best of Breed
Best Stud Dog 2009 

Hip and elbow tested - HD-A, ED 0/0
prcd-PRA - clear (OptiGen A)
EIC (Excercise Induced Colapse) - clear (Laboklin GmbH)

myopatii (HMLR)- clear (N/N Laboklin GmbH)

Yunwu is a gorgeous boy, whose pedigree is based on the famous, american Dickendall line. Yunwu, same as his wonderful ancestors is a dog with substance, strong bone, nice anatomy and a lovely "dickendall" head to complete the picture.

Yunwu started his show career with a bang winning the biggest International show in Poland and gaining the titles Middle And East Europe Junior Winner and Polish Junior Winner. Lightly shown he has a few titles and a big fan club. His first children have gone into the show ring and are already being successful. 

YUNWU SHAN Herbu Zadora - offspring







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