Ch. Blondella Blue Peter

Blue has a special place in my heart. The state of my soul is best expressed in the words of the brilliant french breeder Felicty Leith-Ross (Tintagel Winds) who said about her beloved dog Charlie that he was a "once in a lifetime dog" - that's how I feel about my Blue...

Blue turned out as good as I hoped he would - as the descendant of legendary english lines, the last of the Blondellas, he grew up to be an outstanding example of the breed. His great qualities were noticed by many european judges. He is the only polish labrador to have gained the title Club Winner of THREE different countries all in one year! He is also an International Champion and Champion of a few countries.

Yet what is most important, he is a remarkable stud dog, who helped to improve the type of polish labradors. No other dog has sired such an amount of interchampions, champions, junior champions and club winners. It should be said that he has achieved all this while breeding a limited amount of bitches since I was very picky when choosing  Blue's wifes, prefering to mate him to my own bitches.

Blue is a real showmen - on the side of the ring rather bored and sleepy, when he enters he changes almost instantly - a real Star:) He stands proud, focused and answering my signals perfectly, he knows the importance of the moment;)

Polish Champion
Czech Champion
Lithuanian Champion
Slovakian Champion
Polish Club Winner
2 x Czech Club Winner
Lithuanian Club Winner
Polish Junior Champion
Junior Club Winner
Polish Junior Winner
many times Best Of Breed
II degree working certificate
2 x Best Stud Dog




Champions sired by Blue

Interchampion, Champion Canaletto Herbu Zadora

Interchampion, Champion Ostró?ka Herbu Zadora

Championa Orsza Herbu Zadora

Champion Oniegin Herbu Zadora

Champion In Blanco Herbu Zadora

Champion Góralka Herbu Zadora

Champion Gorczyca Herbu Zadora

Champion Ma?a Czarna Herbu Zadora

Champion Perugino Herbu Zadora

Champion Quillan Herbu Zadora

Champion Hemingway Herbu Zadora

Champion Czarna Porzeczka Herbu Zadora

Champion Fanta Psie Lobby

Champion Foksa Psie Lobby

Champion Gloss Psie Lobby

Champion Monte Carlo Bella Mare

Champion Mont Blanc Bella Mare

Champion Barni Latro




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