Ch. Saranden Comanche


prcd-PRA (tested in England) - clear
eyes clinical tests (tested in England) - eyes clear
hip and elbow tested (tested in England) - HD 4/4, - ED 0/0
EIC (Excercise Induced Collapse) - clear
HNPK - clear

National Dog Show in Bydgoszcz 22.11.2014 - open class, 1st, CWC, Best Male, BOS
International Dog Show in Szczecin 28.06.2014 - open class, 1st, CAC, Winner, Cacib, BOB
International Dog Show in Leszno 08.06.2014 - open class, 2nd, excellent

International Dog Show in Łódź 11.05.2014 - open class, 2nd, excellent
International Dog Show in Opole 26.04.2014 - open class, 2nd, excellent
National Dog Show in GrudziÄ…dz 12.04.2014 - open class, 1st, CAC, Winner, BOB, BOG II

Rocheby State Occasion

Rocheby Old Smokey

Rocheby Nevy Blue
Rocheby Sailing By
Ch. Cambremer Royal Velvet At Rocheby
Rocheby Polkadot
Poolstead Pretentious At Rocheby
Ch. Rocheby Acorn
Blambleridge Rave Review Of Bridgeford Boothgates The Show 
Must Go On
Ch. Larkvalley Understudy
Boothgates Scene Stealer
Jubilee Mystic Of Brambleridge Pulgun Pyrus
Chunal Cultured Lady
Saranden Seducer Champion
Saranden Saboteur
Rocheby Old Smokey Ch. Rocheby Nevy Blue
Ch. Rocheby Polkadot
Saranden Salishia Ch. Cornland's Wellington
Sweet Marjaran Of Saranden
Saranden Synergie Suttonpark Genesis Rocheby Sailing By
Rocheby Popstar
Suttonpark Mimosa Is Cornlands Suttonpark Fair Play
Cornland's Moonflower At Suttonpark