Penara Hunka Burnin' Love

hip OFA - excellent (HD-A)
elbows OFA - normal (ED 0/0)
prcd-PRA - clear by parentage
EIC - clear
CNM - clear
DM - clear
eyes ACVO - clear


Laurkim's Ring of Fire

Penara's Blackfork Amazin Cajun Tate Oakdale's Dunbar at Penara Little Riever Redheaded Stranger
Windfall's Redbud of Oakdale
Penara's Amazin' Maizey Champion
Brairwood's All Riled Up
Panera's Shenanigans
Blacklick Laurkim New Day Blacklick's Copper Top Champion
Dickendall Davaron Gable
Blacklick's George Girl
Blacklick's Red Dawn Keepsake's Brickhouse
Blacklick's Mama's Girl

Penara's Riverbottom Ruby Red Ruby

Penara's Rocket Science

Lobuff's Bare Necessities
Ch. Dickendall Ruffy
Second Sight Brandie
Ridge View Checkered Flag Rozzay's Racer's Edge
Ridge View's China Bull
Briarwood's Ready Or Not Penara's Without Warning Little Riever Redheaded Stranger
Panera's Shenanigans
Briarwood's Glamour Girl
Ch.Glacieridge Tabatha's Storm
Ch.Glacieridge By Design